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Day 2

Answers to Day 1

1. The bell housed in the clock tower

2. Jack Nicholson

3. Operation Paperclip

4. Cannibalism

5. Flax

6. Hammer

7. Moscow

8. Colorado

9. Kitty

10. Stephen Fry

11. Hyenas

12. Kimi Raikkonen

Day 2 Quiz below


1. Which photographer was a brother-in-law of the Queen?

2. In the Second World War, who or what was nicknamed "Uncle Joe"?

3. What was the former name of the Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh City?

4. Which came first, the General Theory of Relativity or the Special Theory of Relativity?

5. Which five-times Oscar winning composer also provided the music for eleven James Bond films?

6. What was the first name of Paul McCartney?

7. In which road is the Central Criminal Court in London situated?

8. What term is given to a morbid fear of enclosed spaces?

9. At which olympic games did Duncan Goodhew win a swimming gold medal in the 100m breaststroke?

10. Inspector John Rebus is a creation of which Scottish writer?

11. The name of which mammal was used in a greeting by Dame Edna Everage?

12. What position does the wearer of a number 12 shirt in rugby union play?

Answers tomorrow