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Day 5

Answers to Day 4

Column 1

31. Who was the first £2m football transfer between English clubs? Paul Gasgoigne (from Newcastle to Tottenham in 1988)

32. What height and width is a football goal? Eight feet high (2.4m) and eight yards wide (7.3m)

33. What football club did Jackie Charlton play for when he won his 1966 World Cup medal? Leeds United

34. Who, according to FIFA regulations, was responsible for supplying the footballs for the 2006 World Cup qualifying stage games? The host football association, ie., Germany (incidentally FIFA supplies the balls for the final competition)

35. In what decade was England's first national team manager appointed? 1940's (1946 - Walter Winterbottom)

36. What football club did Roger Hunt play for when he won his 1966 World Cup medal? Liverpool

37. In what World Cups did Bryan Robson appear? 1982, 1986 and 1990

38. What is the minimum rest period between two games for any team at the 2006 World Cup according to FIFA competition rules? 48 hours

39. Which 1970 World Cup England striker retired to run a successful West Midlands window cleaning business? Jeff Astle

40. Fill in the missing name in this sequence of England managers: Taylor, Venables, Hoddle, ? , Keegan. Howard Wilkinson (caretaker manager in 1999 and 2000)

Todays Quiz Below

Day 5 Quiz

Column 1

41. Who were England's three goalkeepers in the 1982 World Cup?

42. What did all of these players win between 1995 and 1999: Jurgen Klinsmann, Eric Cantona, Gian Franco Zola, Dennis Bergkamp and David Ginola?

43. What football club did Nobby Stiles play for when he won his 1966 World Cup medal?

44. Which past England captain is the only player in English football to have captained an English Football League-winning club in three different decades?

45. How many places were allocated to European teams for the 2006 World Cup, including the hosts Germany?

46. Who appeared most times for England and how many times?

47. Between the 1966 and 2006 World Cups only four England captains have played for three different clubs while captaining their country, who are they?

48. What football club did Geoff Hurst play for when he won his 1966 World Cup medal?

49. What decade was the crossbar introduced in Football?

50. Who broke his neck in the 1956 FA Cup Final?

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