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Day 7

Day 6 Answers

Column 1

51. Who was the first football transfer over £10m between English clubs? Alan Shearer (Blackburn to Newcastle in 1996)

52. Who replaced David Seaman as England's third choice goalkeeper in the 1990 World Cup squad after Seaman injured his thumb in training? Dave Beasant (of Wimbledon)

53. Where was the 1978 World Cup held? Argentina

54. FIFA's 2006 World Cup rules dictate a squad size of how many players? Twenty-three

55. In what World Cup did Mark Hateley and Gary Lineker wear the 9 and 10 shirts? 1986

56. What did each of these players win between 1996 and 2000: Matthias Sammer, Ronaldo, Zinedine Zedane, Rivaldo, and Luis Figo? European Footballer of the Year award (from 1996-2000)

57. Where was the 1998 World Cup held? France

58. Who was the first black footballer to win a full England cap? Viv Anderson, 1978

59. What football club did Martin Peters play for when he won his 1966 World Cup medal? West Ham United

60. Which manager took England to the semi-final of the world cup in 1990? Bobby Robson

Day 7 Quiz Below

Day 7 Quiz

Column 1

61. Whose last game as manager of England was a 0-0 draw away to Portugal in 1974?

62. It is said that an international football match in 1969 started a war between which two nations in the central Americas?

63. What football club did George Cohen play for when he won his 1966 World Cup medal?

64. How many medals will be awarded to each of the first, second and third placed teams at the 2006 World Cup?

65. Who were England's four successful penalty takers in the winning 4-2 penalty shoot-out against Spain in the Euro-96 Championship quarter-final at Wembley?

66. What football club did Ray Wilson play for when he won his 1966 World Cup medal?

67. Which team did England beat in the 1990 World Cup when Gary Lineker's second successful penalty of the game gave England victory in extra time?

68. What football club did Alan Ball play for when he won his 1966 World Cup medal?

69. In the event of a team failing to fulfil or complete a match at the 2006 World Cup Final tournament, what is the score awarded to the other team by the organising committee?

70. Who scored England's dying seconds winner against Belgium in the 1990 World Cup?

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