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Day 13

Answers to Day 12

1. Bergamot

2. 12

3. Ridley Scott

4. Airey Neave

5. Salisbury Cathedral (404ft)

6. 14 July

7. Hobart

8. Caves

9. Israel (1969-1974)

10. San Francisco (1969)

11. Coral

12. Rubidum

Todays Quiz Below


1. The character Shylock appears in which Shakespeare play?

2. Who released an album in 1999 called Brand New Day?

3. If a creature is edentulous what has it not got?

4. What were the eldest sons of the Kings of France called?

5. What is the fourth sign of the Zodiac?

6. Who is the Greek God of wine?

7. P&O, the shipping line, stands for what?

8. What was Radar's surname in MASH?

9. Excluding Australia and continental land masses what is the largest island in the world?

10. Who was the founder of the Body Shop company?

11. In which year (decade) were parking meters introduced in the UK?

12. Who wrote the novel Dracula?

Answers Tomorrow