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Opening of the Green

By Mike Russell Bovey Tracey Bowling Club

Friday, 15 May 2020


Bovey Tracey Bowling Club Contributor


Following the most recent advice from Bowls England, the club has decided to have a limited opening of the green for current members who wish to play. This opening will be restricted to roll-up’s only.

The clubhouse and equipment shed will be OFF-LIMITS until further notice.

To maintain the maximum number of people allowed, there will be a Rink Scheduler booking system. This can be viewed on the club website

To play, you must first book an available slot. To do this, you must ring Mike Russell on 07932 471397 who will secure and confirm your booking. This will then appear in the schedule on the website.

In order to comply with the governments social distancing rules we can only allow two rinks to be in play at any one time with a maximum of two players on each rink. This may be a couple from the same household. It may be two players from separate households. Where it is separate households, the two metre rule must apply. We will ensure distancing between the rinks by playing on rinks one and three or two and four, alternating with each session. This will ensure even wear of the green. As the equipment shed is off-limits you will either have to improvise or supply your own mat and jack. Once your session is finished, do not loiter or strike up conversations with other members.

It must be emphasised that the decision to play is down to the individual(s) who should take account of their own health/age and circumstance. They play at their own risk.

It is very important that these rules are observed during this lockdown. If they are not followed, it will result in the withdrawal of the facility for all.

So please follow the rules and stay alert.

To summarise

  • The green will open on Monday 18th May at 10:05am for roll-ups only.

  • Exit and entrance to the green should ONLY be through the club gate and NOT via the cricket club.

  • For insurance puposes you must have paid your reduced subscription for 2020 before you can play.

  • Members are required to provide their own sanitiser to wipe surfaces including the equipment that they have handled during their visit.

  • Members should ensure that they bring their own drinks, especially on warm days.

  • The clubhouse will remain off limits to all club members, this includes the toilets.

  • The equipment shed will be off limits to all club members. No equipment must be removed from the shed.

  • A booking system will be in place through our website which MUST be booked through Mike Russell on 07932 471397 before you can play.

  • There will be sessions of 1 hour 50 minutes, or part therof. This will allow time for players to leave the rink/club before the next set of players appear. Rink time may be limited dependent upon the demand.

  • No more than two people on a rink and not on adjacent rinks to conform with social distancing.

  • Rinks will be allocated to ensure even wear of the green (you must play the rink you are allocated).

  • As no equipment will be available eg; mats, jacks etc. You will need to provide your own, or improvise. A tennis ball as a jack for example.

  • Once your session is over prepare to leave the club. Do not loiter and/or socialise.

  • Any rubbish to be taken away by their owners and not left at the club.

  • Playing is at the risk of the individual, the club will not accept responsibility.

If any of the rules above are found to have been ignored, the club will withdraw the roll-up facility and the green will be closed again.

Contact Information

Sue Martin-Secretary

  • 01626 830647

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