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Day 28

Answers to Day 27

1. Haricot beans

2. The tuning fork

3. The clavicle

4. Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody)

5. Romulus and Remus

6. The Yukka

7. Edward Heath

8. Farrier

9. Turmeric

10. Brown

11. Trees

12. Pat Cash

Todays Quiz Below


1. From which country do Skoda cars come?

2. In which cartoon series did a dog called Spike appear?

3. What colour are adult pelicans?

4. Which shrub has a name derived from the Ancient Greek for rose tree?

5. Gabriel Oak is the first character to appear in which Thomas Hardy novel?

6. Don Draper played by Jon Hamm, and Joan Harris played by Christina Hendricks, were characters in which television series?

7. What does the waving of a red flag mean in motor racing?

8. Which country has a coastline of about 29 miles on the Adriatic between Italy and Croatia?

9. What part of a house was taxed between 1696 and 1851?

10. Which major French city stands at the confluence of the rivers Rhone and Saone?

11. The book and film Girl with a pearl earring were inspired by a painting by which Dutch artist?

12. The holder of which office is second in line to the US presidency, after the vice-president?

Answers Tomorrow