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Day 34

Answers to Day 33

1. Deciduous

2. Five

3. A butterfly

4. Saints

5. October (24th)

6. Stamford

7. Kayaking

8. Blackbeard

9. Tenerife

10. News Of The World

11. The stamen

12. Four

Todays Quiz Below


1. Which duo had a 1982 UK chart hit with Save Your Love?

2. What does a phyllophobic fear?

3. Reynard is a nickname for which animal?

4. In which country was tennis player John McEnroe born?

5. Which designer launched the Warehouse chain of stores?

6. What spirit is used to make a daquari?

7. Who wrote the novel The Boys From Brazil?

8. Which UK city had the first public library?

9. What is an Aldis Lamp used for?

10. What country has the international car registration letters TR?

11. Warsaw lies on which river?

12. Which vitamin, considered by some experts to be a hormone, is activated in the human body by Sunshine?

Answers Tomorrow