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Day 38

Answers to Day 37

1. 1605

2. Bamber Gascoigne

3. Edith Piaf

4. 7%

5. Derbyshire

6. Snake

7. The liver

8. Carrie Fisher

9. Ganesha

10. Kit

11. Archipelago

12. Charles Shulz

Todays Quiz Below


1. Who wrote the story The Old Man And The Sea?

2. In which US city was the first juke-box installed, in the Palais Royal Saloon, 1889?

3. Which British Prime Minister's mother, Jenny Jerome, invented the Manhattan cocktail?

4. What was the first underground railway line in London?

5. Which sea has no land borders?

6. What is the currency of Iran?

7. Who is the Roman God of the sea?

8. What does the H in H-Bomb stand for?

9. Which actress is the voice of Homer Simpson's mother?

10. Lexicology is the study of what?

11. In which country is Interpol based?

12. What is the line called behind which darts players stand when throwing?

Answers Tomorrow