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Day 3

Answers Day 2

1. (Anthony Armstrong-Jones) Earl of Snowdon

2. Joseph Stalin

3. Saigon

4. The Special Theory (1905), the General didn't follow until 1916

5. John Barry

6. James

7. Old Bailey

8. Claustrophobia

9. Moscow

10. Ian Rankin

11. Possum ("Hello Possums" being the greeting)

12. Inside Centre

Day 3 Questions below


1. In which year were TV licences introduced in the UK?

2. Which designer (brand) created the Kelly bag?

3. Arctic King, Saladin and Tom Thumb are which types of vegetable?

4. By what name is the Gravelly Hill Interchange better known?

5. The Galápagos Islands are a provincial territory of which South American country, 600 miles away on the same equatorial latitude?

6. Which Gilbert and Sullivan operetta is sub-titled The Slave of Duty?

7. Who succeeded Sir Clive Woodward as England's rugby union coach?

8. What is a baby oyster called?

9. What is Bill Clinton's middle name?

10. In which country are the Sutherland Falls?

11. In the US TV comedy show Everybody Loves Raymond, what is Raymond's brother's first name?

12. What is the largest flatfish species?

Answers tomorrow